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I recently talked with Bruce Jenkins, the longtime sports columnist at the San Francisco Chronicle, about baseball in the Bay Area in 1989. Of course that includes Loma Prieta, and here’s his response to my question about what the earthquake was like for him, at Candlestick Park:

I was in the upper deck, hanging out with some friends. I remember the ominous sound, the tremendous rumbling as the earthquake approached us. And as we rocked back and forth up there, we were pretty sure the whole place would come down. When it stopped, and everyone was alive in a stadium that had withstood the onslaught, there was tremendous cheering.

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I was 4 when I moved to California from New Jersey and we had only been in our home in Danville for a few months when the earthquake hit. I was in my room dancing around in my lambchops underwear (remember the commercials?) and everyone else in the family was downstairs watching the t.v. I can’t remember if the quake started small or large but I do remember a sudden sense of fear. Not that I would be hurt, but that someone would come looking for me and find me in my underwear. It was a terrifying and embarrassing first experience in California to say the least 🙂 .

By Caitlin Scanlon

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