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In Pescadero

We lived in Belmont CA at the time of the earthquake and I was visiting my horse in Pescadero when it hit. The ground turned to “water” and I thought suddenly of Christ walking on water. I was standing outside my horses paddock when it hit and tried to walk to my car because I was afraid the old barn nearby would collapse on my car. Walking was really weird…there was no solidity to the ground. The horses whinnied and snorted and the earthquake came in waves. I made it to my car when it stopped. The barn was wood so there was no chance it would collapse despite its age…it just moved a lot. The little frame house was standing and looked fine but going inside we saw that the cupboards had vomited all the dishes and china on the floors…the dishwasher did the same. Made me happy that we as transplants had bolted down just about everything.

There was talk of a tsunami so we had to figure out how to get home. If we went over the hill directly power lines could be down everywhere but if we went along the coast as usual and there was a tsunami we’d be swept away. Phones were not working and it was before everyone had a cellphone. I led a little band of cars over the hill. It was dark by then and no lights were on as we climbed but as we descended we saw the lights of Redwood City and we knew that we were OK.

By Nan Rand (via Facebook)

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