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On Highway One

Left Cabrillo College with 3 others to go to Mobo sushi (would have been my first time). On Highway One, where the Morrissey Exit sign is, our car took a jolt like blowing out a tire and we immediately stopped. I thought we were going to get rear-ended, but then I saw everyone else was stopped, and the exit sign was bouncing up and down. We made our way up to Mission St., because the woman who was driving wanted to go to her place. She rented the tippy-top attic space in one of the big houses there, and we all went up. There was a six-inch wide crack running thru the roof, letting the daylight in. Most of her stuff was intact, much to her relief.

Then she noticed a ceramic angel had fallen off the shelf and broke. “My mom made this for me when I was little,” she said. There was a rolled up piece of paper inside. Her mom had written a note. “One day this angel will break and you’ll find this note. I love you, mom.” Dated: October 17, 1972

By Scott Harmon


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