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I had planned my move to SF and a week before I planning on driving out, was in a small restaurant with a group of friends having a good-bye dinner. We had raised our wine glasses and ‘cheered’ my move to SF. As our glasses were IN THE AIR, (no lie) the server said ‘Oh, didn’t you hear. They had a big earthquake. The Bay Bridge and the Transamerica tower fell down. Here’s your salads.’

After an evening of angst of trying to decide whether or not to move and watching the same 3 news stories (fire in the Marina, the Bay Bridge, and the 880 collapse), I finally got a hold of a friend who said everything was fine (they lost a plate that fell off a shelf). I decided to make the move. I left Chicago a few days later and drove here. Some of my friends thought I was crazy but many supported me. The Chicago Tribune got my name from the van line and interviewed me. The very snotty reporter said I was crazy. My reply was let’s talk in a year and compare utility bills and then we’ll see who’s crazy.

Living in Chicago all of my life, I can’t tell you the number of tornado watches I went through. No matter where you live, there will be some natural disaster (mud slides, dust storms, volcanos, hurricanes, etc). I’ve never regretted moving here.

By Dave Cottingham


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