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I had just finished work, waiting tables at Pizzeria Uno on Lombard Street in the Marina. As I walked, I suddenly felt as if I were climbing a hill; it was the wave passing under my feet. I saw a steel pole across the street sway like a baby tree, almost touching the sidewalk on each swing. People on the street were fairly calm. I learned later that the ground two blocks away had shifted much more. Fires were starting and homes were lost. I got on the bus and headed to my night class at the University of San Francisco, which, of course, was closed. So, I picked up some whiskey and walked back to my home in the Haight-Ashbury — standing steady in a part of the City built on bedrock, a part that had survived the more serious quake of 1906. Traffic lights were out in the Haight and Cole Valley but street lights came back quickly. What I most remember is the feeling of camaraderie. Bars were selling out their kegs and using up their ice, and neighbors partied with neighbors.

By Barbara Saunders


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