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I remember it as if it was yesterday. I remember when the shaking began, grabbing my Tonka truck and running out of the house trying to find a place to hide. As I was running I fell down to the ground. With my head in the grass and my ear pressed hard against the ground, I could hear the sound of what I thought was a giant worm gnawing his way towards me. I of course jumped up immediately and ran to the front of the house and out into the street where there was plenty of asphalt. I knew this would be a safer place because giant worms have a hard time boring their way through such a solid material.

Thinking the worst was over I looked back towards my house. I was in total shock at what I saw. The ground began to shake once again, and as it did, it began to crack and open up; and then the horror began. One of the larger worms that was after me had managed to slither its way through one of the large cracks in our front lawn and began gnawing on our house as if it was a Quiznos deli sandwich. I had to save my house and my other Tonka toys, so I jumped on the back of the worm and tried to break him like a wild bull. Unfortunately I had never ridden a wild bull before so I had absolutely no idea of what to do next. Then as suddenly as it began, the worm jerked his head back and looked at me from left to right: he was slowing down to a snails pace and stopped gnawing on our house. I had broken the worm! The worst was finally over.

Now that I had complete control over the worm, I pulled on his head and pushed it to the left then kicked him in both sides as we rode off to the nearest Red Cross shelter. From there it’s all just a blur.

By Buddy Burns (reposted from this blog’s Facebook page)


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