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I was fifteen and in the tenth grade at Aptos High when the earthquake hit. My house borders Nisene Marks up Trout Gulch and I was possibly the closest person to the epicenter of the quake. At the time I was eating cake and watching TV with a childhood friend. When the quake hit we didn’t realize how catastrophic it would be. My mother told us to get underneath something.  My friend Mark decided to hide under the glass table, which we frantically warned him was a bad idea. As the quake intensified the river rocks from the fireplace started to fall. The rocks which weighed 50-200 pounds crushed a table. At that moment my Mom said, “we’re going to die, we’re going to die.” The only other time she had done this was when we had been stuck in a tropical storm on a small sailboat. Panic set in. By the grace of God our house sustained and at first break we bolted outside. I still remember holding the plate with the cake on it and picking plaster from it as I watched our house from a distance shake from the after shocks.

By Andy Shatney


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